Frosty the Snowman

Release Date: December 7th, 1969

Rating: G

Running Time: 30 min.

Directed By: Arthur Rankin Jr., Jules Bass

Cast: Jimmy Durante, Jackie Vernon, Billy De Wolfe, June Foray, Paul Frees


After Prof. Hinkle comes to perform magic for a classroom and his hat doesn’t work, he decides he no longer wants it and it somehow ends up on a snowman the children have made. When he discovers the hat is really magic and brings the snowman to life, he stops at nothing to get the hat back.

The children name the snowman Frosty and he sings and dances. Karen, one of the students, learns that the climate is too warm for Frosty so they set out for the North Pole. After being unable to purchase a train ticket, Karen and Frosty, along with Hocus (Prof. Hinkle’s rabbit), set out inside the icebox compartment of the train for the North Pole. They leave after it appears to be way to cold for Karen but unfortunately, the encounter Hinkle along the way, who will do anything in his power to get the hat back.

Frosty comes across a greenhouse in the middle of the forest and after Hinkle looks him and Karen in, Frosty is done for. Hocus finds Santa and brings him to the duo but they are too late. Luckily for Karen and Frosty, Santa has the magical powers of being able to bring him back to life.

Hinkle is told that he must write out how sorry he is for what he has done a hundred, zillion times, and then maybe Santa will bring him a new hat for Christmas.

In the end, everything works out and Frosty makes it to the North Pole.


Frosty is one of the really short films I watch for the holidays. It is only 30 minutes long so it is a very quick watch.

There is music throughout (the classic Frosty song) and the animation is great. The story is a classic one.

Every character in the film, even Hinkle, you like. It is kind of unbelievable that Karen would go along with Frosty to the North Pole, but this is an animated film so what can you expect?



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