My DVD Collection

I was previously keeping my collection in a small shelving unit where they were boxed right in and I could never find what I was looking for. Recently, I went to Walmart and bought two bookcases containing three shelves each. When I measured in the store, each bookcase holds around 300 DVDs, if lucky and really cramming them in there. I have mine spaced out and by alphabetical order and category.

I currently have over 350 DVDs and blu-rays (the very tops of each shelf are hidden from view).

The categories are as follows:


– top shelf are family/Disney films

– middle shelf are comedy and Christmas films

– bottom shelf are blu-rays and TV shows


– top shelf are dramatic films

– middle shelf are horror and thrillers

– bottom shelf are action, adventure, and fantasy films

If anyone would like a listing of all the DVDs and blu-rays in my collection, leave a comment and I will make a post for those.


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